Sunday, November 29, 2015

My Top Wishlisted Resources

Is everyone ready for the Teachers Pay Teachers Sitewide Sale? On Monday and Tuesday (November 30 - December 1), you can save up to 28%! My store will be 20% off and you'll be able to save 10% more by using the code: SMILE when you checkout.

I'm linking up with Teaching in the Tongass and some other wonderful TPT sellers to share our most wishlisted products from our stores. Here are my top three.

 A Kind and Caring Classroom: Poems of the Week That Promote Good Character has been by far my most popular product. The poems are intended to encourage and teach good character. I use them heavily at the beginning of the year to help build my classroom community. I also include the poems in my Poem of the Week program whenever my class needs a reminder on how to treat others or control their own behavior. Poem topics include: building classroom community, friendship, bullying, tattling, honesty, respect, courage, respecting differences, responsibility and more.

Here is a blog post that details how I use poems in my classroom: No Worksheets Required!

Bubble Fun! A Literacy-based S.T.E.A.M. Unit was put together as a result of my class's science project last year. We decided to explore the properties of bubbles. I have little time in my schedule for science teaching, so I needed to integrate many of the activities throughout the school day.  We had a blast reading, writing, and learning all about bubbles! You can read more about our Bubble Fun in this post.
My Cloze Passages for Beginning Readers and More Cloze Passages for Beginning Readers were two of the first products in my store. I created them specifically for a group of struggling readers in my classroom. All three of these students were over-relying on visual cues to decode unknown words. I wanted them to pay more attention to meaning and structure cues. These passages worked wonders! I updated the fonts and clipart in both products this past summer. This item bundles both products together and, YES, it is on sale! 

I hope you'll check out my most wishlisted items as you get your wishlists ready for the sale. Don't forget to check out the other bloggers at Teaching in the Tongass' linky.

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