Sunday, June 7, 2015

Saying Goodbye to a Retiring Colleague

This week, my school said goodbye to a teacher who has been a member of the faculty for 19 years. Mrs. G. is an amazing Kindergarten teacher, and with her retirement, she is leaving behind a rich legacy of making a difference.

At the party, each grade level took turns presenting her with gifts and letting her know how much she had impacted them and their students.  The fifth grade team presented her with portraits created by students who had been in her Kindergarten class. They remembered her fondly and described their impressions of her through the years.

My own team presented her with a retirement survival kit.  We got the idea from Pinterest and adjusted it to match our needs. Here are some pictures of the basket and the list of goodies it included.

Mrs. G. was a huge help to me when I joined the staff two years ago.  I had a rough time making an adjustment to my new school. I felt lost, out of place, and overwhelmed with a difficult class and too many new requirements.  Mrs. G. proved a steadfast guide through that first rocky year.  She provided a listening ear and good advice. Sometimes, just her cheery greeting as I walked down the hall made all the difference.

When my team asked if I'd write a poem in her honor, I was nervous, but as soon as I thought about all she had meant to me and to my colleagues, the words started to flow.  Here was my part of the gift.

Writing the poem was easy compared to reading it out loud to her and our colleagues.  I was almost in tears by the final line.  I hope she realizes how much she really will be missed.

Did you have to say goodbye to a retiring colleague this year?  What did you and your colleagues do to honor his or her years of service?  Please share your retirement celebration ideas in the comments below.

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