Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday Scoop for March 29th

Well, it's Sunday night and I have one more week until Spring Break. Hooray!
We have Field Day tomorrow and International Fair on Thursday.  It's going to be a very busy week. Thankfully, we have a teacher workday on Friday, so I only have to make it through four days. I can do this!

With that said, I'm linking up with Teaching Trio for this week's Sunday Scoop.

Have to do:
Just one week.  Four little days plus a much needed workday.  I can do this.

On Thursday night, we'll be having our International Fair.  It kind of snuck up on me, so I haven't left us much time to get our presentation and hallway display ready.  Last week, my kids picked their topics and broke into teams to complete their research.  Now to get all of their facts typed up on our Google Docs presentation. They will also be choosing the pictures to accompany their facts. We will also be putting together a bulletin board with some student crafts/writing.   In three days. Keep your fingers crossed that we get it all done in time. I'll share some pictures once we get it done.

On top of all of the other things going on, our report cards need to be completed by April 1st - NO exceptions, according the email we received last week.  Sigh.  I wish I were one of those people who get things done well ahead of time.  I'm sad to say that I'm a hopeless procrastinator.  If I don't like doing something (and there are few things I hate more than doing report cards), I put it off as long as possible.  That means I have to battle a very busy, and very slow, computer system to get all of my student grades recorded on time. Sigh. 

Hope to do:
I need to get organized - or rather, reorganized.  I'm terrible at keeping up with organization. I do have a place for most things.  I'm just really bad at making sure the things get put there. I tend to be a piler.  Lots of papers needing to be filed.  Lots of markers, pens, pencils, and erasers to put away. Lots of books to be repaired and returned to the classroom library.  Lots of stuff that I needed two weeks ago that I will find buried on my desk.  I'm one of those teachers who loves teacher workdays.  They give me a chance to catch up!

I'm trying to exercise more.  Now that the weather is getting nicer, I want to start walking more.  I'm going to start with two nights this week.  Now whether or not I will follow through after getting home at the end of my 10 hour day... we'll see.  I'll keep you posted.

Happy to do:

After leading a 5-mile hike today, my friend Meg and I made plans for next Saturday. We're going to invite some other friends to explore some new trails about an hour and a half away. It will be a great start to my Spring Break week.  Hopefully, the weather will be as nice as it was today. 

Well, that's all for now.  Make sure you check out the other great bloggers and their Sunday Scoops.

Until next time,

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  1. The international fair sounds like a LOT of fun!

    I'm jealous of all of these Teacher Work Days that I keep hearing about on the blog circuit. I never heard about those until I started reading teaching blogs. It must be SO NICE to have some time in your class without the stress of meetings/PDs and no kiddos around. The only time we have for that is our prep period or if we come in early or stay late. Such an awesome concept. I cannot even imagine the amount of work that I would get done! Hahahaa!

    Enjoy your week!

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